What We Believe

Once upon an ever-existing time, or rather outside of time and space, an all-powerful Being existed. This Being was perfection. This Being was a perfect family. The Beings’ love was so great it continually overflowed and where it flowed it created life. It was out of this overflowing love (not out of need), that the Being began to fashion and form something that had never been before. Through the seemingly simple act of speaking this Being created vast galaxies filled with wondrous colors, resounding energies, and limitless possibilities. Planets, animals, and breathtaking forms of life blossomed into existence from the Words. According to the Being, the gem of Creation was the Human Being. Human Beings alone were chosen to be animated with a higher consciousness. Their consciousness was the unalienable mark of the Bein’s Divine Image. Human Beings were thus created in the Image of the Being. In this way, they were given the capacity to know true love…to actually Be.
The Being then came before the jewel of creation and said, “My name is ‘I AM’.” The name illustrated the reality that the Being always was, always is, and always will be. The Being was the very definition of God and God’s promise of being was that with humanity a relationship would forever be forged.
However, this relationship had stipulations. You see, the Being informed Human Beings that love was the most beautiful thing, the most real thing, and by definition, this meant that it was both good and just. In other words, love was both a hug and a punch. It brought meaning by highlighting the reality of good and evil, it was the power to heal or to kill. For love to prevail, evil had to not only be pointed out but held accountable if necessary. 
     As the Being’s relationship with humankind grew, it became clear that the Being’s love for Humanity was as infinite as the very being of the Being. Although the Being’s love was continually shown to creation, the very first Human Beings rejected that love as did each of their children. Each chose to love themselves and choose their own path. Instead of completely starting over, the Being set out on a mission to win back the love of Human Beings and sought to do so by any means necessary.
     Through this lavish love, it was soon learned that the Being was not a singular entity but three entities unified in the perfection of oneness, three-in-one: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The Beings’ vision of reconciliation was realized through a plan of redemption by which God the Son came to earth, becoming a Human Being. He was named Yeshua (Jesus).
     God the Son, Jesus, relied on his relationship with God the Holy Spirit and God the Father to empower him to accomplish his portion of the mission of reconciliation and to give us an example of how we too could live through God’s power to overcome sin. Jesus’s mission and path back to heaven involved a cosmic battle over sin and death in which he died for the sins of humanity. Though He died in this battle, Jesus was resurrected by God the Father, further demonstrating the power and divinity of God and illustrating the inheritance prepared for the followers of Jesus!  
     Jesus’s mission of love became the mission of His followers. To this day, disciples of Jesus participate in his mission of reconciling humanity to the abundant life that God intended Human Beings to have. Unfortunately, for a time, God’s enemy, Satan, though he has lost the war, continues to battle to keep as much of humanity in soul slumber as possible.
     God’s followers, children of the light, cannot sit by and allow this to happen. There is an overwhelmingly abundant life of freedom to be lived both in this life and the next! Only those who are awakened to this reality will obtain it.  Those who willfully remain in slumber miss out on the divine adventure and remain cast in roles of “sound and fury signifying nothing.”
     As children of the light, Trinity Chapel Austin has been awakened to this divine adventure and is continually seeking how we can join God in the mission of reconciliation.

Tribe of Light Christian Church

"Sounding Light at the Speed of Love."