Empower Partners

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and the Lord will establish your plans.”

-Proverbs 16:3


Welcome Empower Partners! You can give below or email Pastor Michael Lytle for more information. If you lost your handwritten letter (or never got one in the mail!), we are glad you were still able to find this portal. A copy of the letter insert is below. 

Medical Missions in Guatemala - 2022
Medical Missions – Guatemala 2022 – Over 2,000  People Served!
TRIBE OF LIGHT WELCOMES YOU!                                                                                                                                    Summer 2023

Hello Empower Partners!

We are grateful that you have stopped by to see how you can join God’s mission through Tribe of Light Christian Church. This is a great place to see a digital version of the letter you should have received. The envelope we mailed included a handwritten letter, a business card, and an outline of our purpose and vision. Handwritten letter? Yes! One of the things we want to do is get back to the roots of our Christian faith. Although we are big fans of technology, and use it whenever and wherever we can to be more efficient and productive, we also value the tactile (analog) spaces where people just sit and talk face to face…or write letters with ink and paper! If you haven’t received your handwritten letter, email us and we will get you one asap! Now, minus the handwritten letter part, here is what was in the Empower Partners envelope, this time including quick and easy links (if you tried to click a link on the paper insert, it probably didn’t work 😉 

Tribe of Light Christian Church – Strategic Summary

Purpose Statement

We will live lives of daily Worship (rooted in the Word of Jesus, led by the Holy Spirit), Discovering the adventure of our destinies, Unifying worlds, Stewarding our resources, and sounding light at the speed of love in Austin, TX, and to the ends of the earth!


To be a missional Community Center for total being health and healing (yah, CC stands for that too). We will be TOLCC by being a:

    • Missional Church (near and far) [We are teaming up with We Love Our City for monthly local outreach and we have two Medical Missions trips, to bring medicine and supplies to remote villages in other countries (Kenya in August).]
    • Counseling Center [TOLCC offers licensed professional counseling and Christian counseling as Joyful Journeys Counseling. The counseling center is both evangelical (outreach to those outside the church) and discipleship (an equipping resource for healthy total-being training within the church).]
    • Library and Prayer Garden [Construction will start this year. It will be a place for prayer and study…two of our core values!]
    • Coffee Shop and Indoor/Outdoor Playground with Splash Pad and Fitness Area [We plan to begin this project in 2025 to offer families in our neighborhood a special place that also “opens the doors of the church” to those on the outside.]
    • City Camp, Retreat Center, and Recreational Center [It will be a place for kids camps, marriage retreats, and educational conferences, and will lay the groundwork for the educational hub.]
    • Christian Education Hub (Pre-K through Graduate schools) [This is our long-term vision! We want to be a provider of solid, total-being, Christian education that empowers children to begin to change the world and eternity today!]

Friends, please join the mission, first and foremost, and continually, with your prayers! We want to empower individuals and communities on the journey toward total-being healing and believe Jesus is the Way/Answer! If you have questions about our 501c3 or would like to make non-monetary donations or partner in other ways, Pastor Michael Lytle can be contacted at 512-539-7125 or via email at michael@tribeoflightcc.org. To make monetary donations use the portal below or visit our donation page. To give via check, make payable to Tribe of Light Christian Church and mail to 5201 Martin Ave, Austin, TX, 78751 (You can also drop it off at that location in our drop box if you prefer). We are exceedingly grateful for your support. This vision is far greater than we can achieve alone, we need you! It will take a set of Empower Partners, Kingdom-determined individuals, rising up to take their place!  


Tribe of Light Christian Church

"Sounding Light at the Speed of Love."